Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Towards Temple Reforms, at last

It has been a big issue for ages. Kalamandalam Hyderali wasnt allowed entry to many temples, and Yesudas was never allowed to enter Guruvayoor and many other temples (although Harivarasanam in his voice is played at Sabarimala on a daily basis). I had always believed that temples and their authorities would have to embrace reforms some day or the other. The earlier the better. Every year, in Kerala, this issue keeps coming up. I had blogged on this a year or so back here and that was when the Srilankan delegation entered Guruvayoor and the "purification" exercise was undertaken.

Whether it be due to G. Sudhakaran, or due to Vayalar Ravi, we have started talking about this issue again. And it seems that something concrete would come out of it this time, hopefully. We are definitely inching towards the second temple entry proclamation.

At this juncture, shouldnt we start thinking about the temple reforms at large, rather than just the issue of temple entry to non-hindus. The temples of Kerala do not allow entry to women during "certain" periods, and do not allow women in the age bracket of 10-50 to enter Sabarimala. Even a 4-month old kid's urine is so bad that punyaham has to be performed. All these definitely sound primitive.

G Sudhakaran's words threatening to bring in legislation if the priests do not address the call for reform is definitely the way to go. "Adapt to the changing times voluntarily, or the Govt will see to it that it happens" - a brave move indeed.

My opinion is that the Govt should initiate the second set of reforms, of which the Temple reforms are just a part. Ban on Lotteries and many other things which I will write about later should be part of the second set of reforms.


achankandath said...

Yes temples should be open to all who believes in hindu religion and and gods and who are ready to accept and obey temple customs.But people like Sudhakaran are not eligible to enter temples because he does not believe in gods .he should not be the devaswam minister and he has no right to talk about tempples or related matters.leave the temple matters to people who believe in gods.

Anonymous said...

We Hindus will not allow to make temples a ZOO

Anonymous said...

ALL THE LENIN MARXIST BOOKS SHOULD BE BURNED sudharkaran SHOULD BE BEATEN INSIDE A SACK Pinnangarayi vijayaneyum. achummavaneyum.. kazhuthu njericchu kollanam.. the marxisism is foolishness to the core

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