Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Gathering more Knowledge is nothing but inflating Ego and narrowing one's Vision, says Amritanandamayi !!!!!!

A scientist gathers more knowledge, thereby narrowing his vision and inflating his ego. Well, I am sure that you are thinking as to who would be so stupid to vomit such nonsense; it was none other than the revered Amritanandamayi of Kerala. Atleast thats what the note pasted proudly in front of the "Mata Amritanandamayi Muth" shop at the Nedumbassery Airport Shopping Arcade says.

Yes, now what you want is proof of that. And thats exactly what I have in the picture below (Taken using my fone cam). And for those who dont want to enlarge the image and read it, I paste the stuff below as well .

A person who always thinks intellectually cannot understand the feelings of the heart, the meaning of meditation and love. Love is the force, the power and inspiration behind every word and every action. Love is behind all scientific experimentation and invention - behind work. But that love is limited to a narrow channel. It is directed only to the scientific field in which he works. It doesn't embrace all crations. No work can be performed without concentration. Concentration is nothing but the stillness of mind. Stillness of the mind comes only as a result of love. A Rishi is a real lover because he has dived into his own self, the very core of life and love. A Rishi is a real scientist. He experiments in the inner laboratory of his own being. A scientist keeps on adding more to his existing ego. He gathers more and more knowledge and more and more information which is nothing but the act of inflating the ego. However a Rishi is completely empty. He becomes like a corpse in the river. He lets the river of life carry him anywhere it likes. The scientist is externally full, full of knowledge about the world. The Rishi is internally full, full of experience of oneness with the supreme absolute. The scientist sees many; the Rishi sees one. The scientist is only a part of existence, while the Rishi is the whole of existence. While the scientist burdens himself with facts and figures, the Rishi becomes empty so that all knowledge can pass through him but cannot affect his experience of oneness. While the scientist limits and narrows his vision, the Rishi expands and embraces the whole universe.

So, this is what she believes. She believes that being empty is great. And she believes sthat scientists are narrow-minded creatures who are filled with ego and interested in nothing but inflating his/her ego. The message from "Amma" is loud and clear; gather no more knowledge because it inflates your ego and makes you narrow minded, do nothing and have an empty mind.


clash said...

Lets drool over the love; which made all these wars; all these bombs which made the earth so safe!! :)

Ayyappadas said...

I think our 'Amma' had recently become a scientist by transcedental meditation and then she happened to get a 'boodhoodayam'. Sree Budha should be afriad, since she is going to be a serious threat to his popularity. The most divine of her new revelation is that 'knowledge adds ego and so people should abstain from acquiring it'!!!. Also, she is quite sure that all scientists are damn huge egoists and that she, since being devoid of egos couldn't help mention that (!!!)......

Also I think that trouble should be with we people who would like to see some sense uttered by a popular person (to say the least).

Anup said...

I think we can see this under a different light as well, though ofcourse everything depends on what light one wants to use.

Amma ( or her ´ghost philosopher´) was trying to say ( or at least that is what I understood) that acquiring information is not an end in itself and it just helps you in boosting your ego, if you limit it to the narrow sense of hoarding information within yourself. And instead, you can allow the information to pass through and leave an impression on you, rather than get stuck inside you . Thus you can see the underlying spirit of everything, which is supposedly better than concentrating only on the externals symptoms of things. Or rather, to put it simplistically let you be the master of knowledge and not the other way around.

Unlike it was made out, she does not say that being empty is great. What she says is that being empty externally and being full internally is better.

As for the usage of the words "scientist" and "Rishi" , you can see them as metaphors or symbols of different schools of thought ( materialistic and spiritualistic ones may be ). And I am sure this choice of words is not accidental , as it was put up at the airport to impress the prospective devotees arriving from the materialistic ( "scientific") western world, seeking the new realms of spirituality.

Vivek Mittal said...

To the author of this blog,

Dear friend Amma's word are Vedic words and need certain conditioning to be interpreted, Also these words are highly contextual.

Interpretation of words of prophets by ordinary ppl can cause wars , as is evident from Islam.

Please think before giving your shadows to words of prophets.

deepak said...


its really unfortunate that people of this stature like "amma" talk things that they know nothing about..


regarding "scientific" denoting the western world, it would have been much better to resort to the word "western" than using the word "scientific", because
1. She shows that she doesnt know what scientific means, by her comments
2. Why is the eatern world not scientific?
Being "empty externally and being full internally".. i dont get that.. have all the knowledge but dont show that out, is it? So, does she mean to say that every rishi has more knowledge than any scientist, juz that he doesnt show that out? Let me make an argument, "I know much more Physics than Einstein (I am full internally), just that I dont show it off (empty internally)". If "amma"'s arguments are justified, so is this argument of mine.. is it not?


>>Interpretation of words of prophets by ordinary ppl can cause wars , as is evident from Islam.<<

I thought that this is the only way ordinary people can interpret these words by her. And I certainly do believe that the notice put up there was for ordinary people to read, understand and interpret.. i dont think there are too many non-ordinary special people (like rishis) frequenting nedumbassery airport..

if there are other interpretations that make sense, i would love to read them..

അബ്ദുണ്ണി said...

Amma's message is very clear: HumanGods like her need ignorant and, hence illogical, people to worship them

Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

Deepak it's a fine piece. But unfortunately, even our newspaers that boasts of secular tradition seem to devote reams of news print to such bullshit. I just want to tell that it's the 'scientist with inflated ego' working alone in some obscure laboratories who gets things done for the humanity and not some self proclaimed human gods.

Anonymous said...

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preeja said...
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preeja said...
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Anonymous said...

Before telling anything about Amma's words you should have some knowledge about the language of spirituality. Language of spirituality is totally different from your
language. In spirituality the knowledge of a persons ignores increases with of knowledge, that is known as gyanam.other is vigyanam.Normally after finding some small things scientist will think, oh I am so brilliant, I did a big work and all, but one spiritual person will think,oh I have to discover more. or she/he will understand the beauty of GOD's creation. That’s what she told. Amma wants to reduce ignorance that’s why she started colleges and schools. She likes to build a society with more knowledge and less ego.

Nimmy said...

Pranams!, Let me begin with the bigger aspect of it, all religions preach one TRUTH and all different paths ultimately leads to the TRUTH. A man who doesn’t know English can’t judge whether anybody else know it well or not. But surprisingly most of the people do that. They do talk about things which they really don’t know at all! Just like that a person who is not as much as knowledgeable as Amma can never understand Her fully.

As you may know, India has a very strong spiritual tradition which has been given by the RISHIS. The GOD’s creation is complete in its all aspects. We don’t really need any extra gadgets for our simple day to day life. For example mahatmas or rishis are able to communicate without the help of cables or wireless communication. They don’t need to travel from one place to another by any vehicle but by their mere WILL. Acquiring a university degree will never give you the real KNOWLEDGE.

We are all powerful human beings. But our ego prevents us from knowing our real nature which is ETERNAL. Our senses are limited, we do accept that, we can’t hear or see certain things which other animals can do. Since we are not aware of our IMMENSE capability we go for other means to satisfy our needs.

There are people who study spiritual books just to preach or argue to show their knowledge. These are intelligent people but their act can’t help anyone unless they are free from their ego. RISHIS are free from their ego. They do not see anything or any person different from their very being. They are selfless.

Think about our scientific discoveries and where we are heading to. Our most of the discoveries actually pose threat to the very existence of the world, we have polluted the nature, so many people are killed, people are struggling to meet their very basic needs, men became more and more self centered that they don’t think about others but think only about how to make their own day to day life better, most of the gadgets emit harmful radiation and studies are conducted to eliminate the harmful effect of so called discoveries, e wastage is increasing substantially day by day…

Now it is too late to preserve nature’s harmony. The only way is the WAY SHOWN by the RISHIS. They show us the path to FEEDOME.

They preached the message of LOVE and SELFLESS SERVICE. They proclaimed peace. They never disturbed the nature’s harmony.

And for your information, the very scientists are queuing up to get a darshan of AMMA.
I would request you to read some of the books to know the reality

“Autobiography of a yogi”- Pramahansa Yogananda
Books by swami Vivekananda
“Living with the Himalayan Masters”—Swami Rama
“Be Yourself”—Ramana Maharshi.

If you examine closely, you can see Amma, Lord Krishna, Lord Christ, Lord Budha, Ramana Maharshi, swami Vivekananda, Swami Paramahansa Yogananda etc are all preach the same TRUTH.

I know it is too difficult for you to accept what I told and you will start arguing. But I have a request before you do that read any of these books and come back to me. And still, if there is at least one person who can understand this, then it is only Amma’s grace that worked.

deepak said...


i do not intend to read the books that u have listed.. and hence, i should not reply too, rite..

i could have given a list of books from my end.. but, i think of such an activity as a bit inappropriate since i believe transparent discussions without constraints should happen in blogs and their comments sections..


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